Sadly all to no avail

By | July 21, 2022

The position regarding our 2022 Show – Cancelled

The full text of our Press Release is available here, regrettably, external circumstances have conspired to prevent us running the 2022 event. We apologise deeply for the inconvenience we appreciate this has created for all our prospective visitors this coming Easter. The full text is also on our Updates page.

As you will no doubt have already seen from other elements of the site the behind the scenes work we have all been undertaking has been to no avail. The banking system’s snail like pace over the last eighteen months has let us down. Our understanding is the account will be available, eventually, just not in time for us to run an event in April with certainty. Clearly if we had left this decision to cancel any later, the more problems the delay would have created. COVID, issues were being overcome, we wanted to run that is not to be for 2022.

So now it is onwards and upwards for 2023.

Advance tickets:

As previously announced we are in the process of changing banks, as can be seen from the Press Release that process has not been completed in time to enable a 2022 Show. Existing, unused, Advance tickets will be honoured in 2023; a further announcement will be made in due course regarding a process for issuing requests for refunds for any advance tickets currently held.

Post made – 10th February 2022

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