Layouts – 2024

The York Model Railway Show is fully committed to showing, each year, a wide range of examples of larger scale, and/or uncommon scale, modelling in addition to examples from the more common scales. Come along and see the best in railway modelling in the fantastic venue of York Racecourse.

This is now the expected final list of layouts for the 2024 Show although, obviously, unexpected circumstances may force short notice changes. If they do then updates will be posted here, and on our Facebook & X (formerly Twitter) social media feeds.

Last update/check – List is as at 14 March 2024.

Changing the sort order – The most recent entries will have appended to the end of the table as the default sort order is date a row was added.; if you hover the cursor over the header bars there are sort buttons in the table headers for resetting the order of the columns based on layout name, scale or displaying owner.

Previous shows list

The layouts list – 2023 Show

Please note that due to circumstances outside our control there was not a Show in 2020, 2021 or 2022.

The layouts list – 2019 show.

The layouts list – 2018 show

The layouts list – 2017 show

The layouts list – 2016 show

The layouts list – 2015 show

For more information on York Show line-ups prior to 2015 please visit our archived pages index covering the layouts at previous Shows.

Previous show list section last updated to 29th November 2023

(Lists for years 2015 – 18 updated to current format and linked here).