Page last revised and updated : 9 February 2024

Expected traders list (2024)

This list is a rolling page updated between shows as information comes in regarding the forthcoming show. At the early stage following a show therefore it will, obviously, still reflect the traders who attended the last one but as the next show date nears will be updated with notified changes and current for the upcoming event.

Unless stated otherwise the traders listed have supplied YMRS with their web-link – click name for link.

All links below were retested for the 2023 Show and were then live unless stated. They should open in a new tab. Subsequent updates for the 2024 show are (1) main listing checked and current to 14 November 2023. (2) Some additional changes made 9 Feb 2024 to delete one trader and add/amend a couple of website links. Full review for 2024 now in hand.

247 Developments

Al Models We believe this to be the same organisation (NB The original link supplied by this trader was tested on 10 Feb 2019 without success)

ABC Models (No web-link supplied)

Alan Gibson

Bachmann Europe Plc. (Non-selling display stand)

Bill Hudson Books

Book Law / Santona Publications

Brooks Models ( No web-link supplied)

C & L Finescale Modelling Ltd

Connoisseur Models


D & E Videos – Realtrack Models

Craft Light Company Ltd. (The)

CM3 Models (No web-link supplied)

Dart Castings


GLOFORCE (New in 2023)

J S Models

Langley Models


London Road Models (Link updated Feb 2024)

Metalsmith (Leeds) (Link added Feb 2024)

Monk Bar Model Shop

Mount Tabor Models

MMR Models (New for 2024)

Nick Tozer Railway Books

North Road Trains (No web-link supplied)

North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Peco Products and Publications
(NB Incorporating Railway Modeller and Wills / Ratio)

Picture Pride Displays  

Plus Daughters

Severn Models

Skytrex (2013) Ltd withdrawal for 2023 (2024 status currently being requested)

Spotter’s Collectables (No weblink supplied)

Squires Model & Craft Tools

Sutton’s Locomotive Workshop (Web) (& Facebook)

Ten Commandments


Train Trax/Model Magic

White Rose Modelworks

Wills / Ratio and Railway Modeller (See Peco above)

York Modelmaking & Display Ltd