2022 Show – sadly now cancelled

Full text of our Press Release

It is with deep regret that the directors of York Model Railway Show Ltd have been forced to announce the cancellation of the 2022 Show.

Although lingering Covid hesitancy has been a factor in our decision the primary reason is that because of a number of circumstances, account validation processes have still not been completed by our bank. This problem has affected much of the “not for profit” sector including many clubs, societies and preservation organisations and has been widely covered in the national press.

Unfortunately, this has meant that we could not guarantee that key deposits to secure assets and infrastructure, such as the hotels, would have been able to be paid in time.

We have been assured that the accounts will be up an running “soon”, but without a firm commitment to the account status and timeline, we feel that to keep local businesses, on which we rely, on hold any further would be not only unfair, but irresponsible.

A lot of hard work has gone into creating the show in the background, and we are thankful for everyone that has continued to offer support to the show, whether as a volunteer, trade support, offers of layouts and much, much more.

We expect to return at “full steam” in 2023 for which planning has already begun and we look forward to discussing our plans with the hobby throughout the remainder of this year.

Advance tickets: Existing, unused, Advance tickets will be honoured in 2023; a further announcement will be made in due course regarding a process for issuing requests for refunds for any Advance tickets currently held.

York Show Directors – 10th February 202

Today’s updates (10th February 2022)

Despite my internet connection speed today making the job feel like wading through treacle, as Website Manager I hope all the necessary pages are now updated with the news that the 2022 Show has had to be cancelled. The pages updated today are:-

  • Home page
  • Press release added
  • Advance (Plus the two related Box Office pages for on-line and postal sales)
  • Twitter & Facebook also updated with posts.
  • Some existing blog post headers edited
  • The featured (sticky) post amended on the Blog Posts home page
  • Site header image
  • Shop notice
  • This page (Updates)

John New – Website Manager 10th February 2022


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