6 Feb: (1) Minor revisions to the policy for Lost Property items will apply for any items handed in during the 2020 Show and then onwards. Web page updated.

6 Feb: (2) The oldest posts below have been deleted today as they were no longer relevant to the upcoming show.


28 Oct – Layouts page, correction of spelling error in layout description – Bridgwater (Not Bridgewater).

30th Sept: (2) The updates for the 2020 Box office opening are now believed complete and the Box Office is open. Formatting work completed. [Update as at 21:45]

30th Sept: (1) The Advance Tickets Box Office is now open for both postal and online sales. [NB The Advance page (postal) is still work in progress for text formatting but links and prices are live. As at 21:10 30th Sept]

25 Sept: Minor revision to the Home page text to future proof the dates text.

24 Sep (2): As at 11:52 the live site is back up as as the archived back-up copy taken earlier today has been restored. It may intermittently disappear/reappear as further testing occurs. Thank you for your patience. The layouts page also updated with the first tranche of confirmed layouts for 2020.

24 Sep (1): By loading them individually, and then retesting the site, what was causing yesterday’s problems has now been provisionally narrowed down to a plug-in update (two possibles). Further testing to resolve the issue and load a back-up copy is ongoing.

23 Sep – (2) Tonight’s live updates for the 2020 Show – The Prices and Times page now updated for 2020.

23 Sep – (1) Due to a glitch in the WordPress automatic updating of the site tonight an old back-up has had to be reloaded. Recent updates may therefore have been lost. Any pages likely to have been updated since May are being re-checked and updated/reloaded as necessary.

Older posts deleted as no longer relevant – 6 Feb 2020