2022 Show – Advance news

25th Oct 2021 – Minor adjustments made to the site as we continue to work towards 2022 in anticipation that a post-COVID show can be held.

11 Dec 2020 – As announced below the 2021 Show has sadly been called off. We look forward to seeing you all in April 2022. The site header has now been updated with 2022’s dates and further updates will be made as and when information becomes finalised regarding the next Show and the refunds policy for existing Advance Tickets..

16 Oct – Minor update to the Travel page. Also, as the site appeared to be running slowly, some behind the scenes tweaks made to the software settings. If you find a problem please contact us.

2021 Show – cancelled

(The decision was publicly announced on 11 December 2020)

Older posts now deleted as no longer relevant – 11 December 2020