WordPress bugs/changes: We are still gaining expertise with the new page editor (Gutenberg) introduced in January within the latest version of WordPress: hopefully, any residual glitches as a legacy from this upgrade to WP Version 5.0, now 5.1, are steadily being found and rectified.

8 & 9 Mar: The upgrade from WP 5.0 to 5.1 caused a minor glitch on the Layouts page as cut/paste from Excel is no longer a “quick fix” option. The cause of the problem, an attempted edit, to remove a layout not now attending. However, all is now rectified and the replacement option adds functionality with the ability to search the Layouts data table.

The topics being demonstrated also added to the Demonstrators page. That table will also be converted to a searchable option in due course.

Finally correction of an error on the Traders page (accidental omission) and addition of a further trader.

19 Feb: Three additional layouts added onto the layouts page.

17 Feb: (3) Further minor updates made due to changes introduced during the WordPress update. Also some revisions to the navigation process, hopefully, making our background information pages easier to find. Links to our former site versions also added onto the links page. Society website links now added on the Societies attending page.

17 Feb: (2) Updates to the DemonstratorsSocieties and Traders pages. The traders page update = +2 new and -2 previous attendees. Further information will be added across the site, as available.

17 Feb: (1) WordPress bugs/changes; a few remain relating to back-office functions and a fix may require a reload to the site of the core software. To minimise risk in the build up to the Show this will NOT be done until after the 2019 show has been held.

10 Feb: Formatting on the Traders page now updated. The in-page navigation bug from the Prices to Advance page had gone wrong again (cause unknown) and re-fixed.

2 Feb – The error on the home page link directing to the Prices & Times page on the old legacy site now rectified. Some of the text on the home page also revised/updated. Link from the Prices page to the Advance Tickets page and also from the Advance page to the shop and the back link to Prices/times  restored (Corruption of in-page embedded links across the site is one of the bugs being rectified as they are discovered).

31 Jan – Website – some of the  bugs introduced in the last WordPress update have now been fixed. Further testing over the next few days.  The layouts list now updated, A net increase of 7 layouts (+8 and -1) from previous listing. Site navigation menu also updated.

30 Jan – We apologise for the delay in completing the conversion work on the site from the old format into the new. The next updates, including the latest layouts attending listing for 2019, are due shortly. It also appears some links have been corrupted in the last WordPress update. Rectification work will be done as soon as possible.

8 Nov: Updated page URLs – We have made a further improvement tweak today to remove the /wordpress/ part of the page URLs. However, this may mean if you have bookmarked the URL of one of our pages with it in that will need to be removed. Testing indicates everything on the live site is working. As usual if you find a bug or hidden feature we have missed please tell us so we can track it down and fix it

1 Oct: Continuing with the change-over process from the old to this replacement website. Many pages on the old site have been updated with navigation links amended etc. If you have any old bookmarks and links please update to the new https: URLs.

The confirmed layouts for 2019 are now on the Layouts page. This is by no means the full list, many of those expected have yet to be confirmed.

We have experienced an unexpected glitch with PayPal in that our test orders unexpectedly went in to a team member’s account not the Show account. We are working to find where the setting is wrong to fix this ASAP. In the meantime although the Box Office is open and the system is live, if you can, please use the postal option in preference.

* * * *

30 Sep: The process of switching to the live version of the WordPress is now under way and the Box Office is open for the 2019 Show. All future updates should appear on this new version of site. The old updates page on the old site is now redundant.

25 Sep: This page is not yet part of the live version. However, as you have reached it, you will note that work is ongoing to convert the key pages on the site to WordPress prior to the go-live date for Advance Ticket sales on 1st October. Other updates for the 2019 Show should follow during October. 

The confirmed layouts for 2019 are now on the Layouts page. This is by no means the full list, many of those expected have yet to be confirmed.