The list of layouts attending  the 2020 Show

Page updated to 28 October 2019

The York Model Railway Show is fully committed to showing, each year, a wide range of examples of larger scale, and/or uncommon scale, modelling in addition to examples from the more common scales. Come along and see the best in railway modelling in the fantastic venue of York Racecourse.

The list below is the initial list of the layouts that will attend in 2020.  Invitations are still being processed and the list will increase as the Show date nears. (List last updated on Tue 24 Sept 2019)

Working layouts list for 2020 – more expected.  

As this 2020 listing is not yet the final version examples of the full line ups for a typical York Show can be viewed from the archived pages index covering the layouts at previous Shows. The index has the full show listings, by year, from the 2001 Show to date.