Arriving by rail or bus

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Page now reviewed/updated for the 2024 Show – (last revised/updated 14 March 2024)

Rail Travel to York

York is a major rail centre served by mainline, cross-country and local services. The regular changes of franchisees, and associated pages within their websites, has rendered maintenance of the former level of detailed information impossible to keep current. However, this is no longer necessary as you are reading this page on-line, therefore, you have internet access to all the current rail travel timetable, ticket booking and other services. If arriving by train also see our local bus section below.

Additional third-party information links are below:-

For Network Rail Engineering works there are links on their website. We hope these will help:-

Status & Disruptions (Their live feed) Planned engineering works are listed about half way down.

Their planned engineering works home page. This no longer has the detail updates they have been moved to the Status & Disruptions page.

(Above links updated and replaced 14 March 2024).

Trainlinethe Trainline information and ticketing site (Last checked/updated 14 March 2024)

Railsmartr alternative to the Trainline for ticket purchase. (Last checked 14 March 2024)

Bus travel within York to/from the show.

Latest regarding the position on buses for 2024 (Last checked 14 March 2024)

Show link bus (Service 197) all three event days.

Please note this link is provided as a commercial operation independently of YMRS. For 2024 the operator is, again, York Pullman. Fares slightly increased for 2024 –  £2.50 Single – £4 Return. Payment can be by cash or card. Senior Passes are not valid on the 197.

The stop at the station for pick-ups will be as for the Coastliner service, therefore, stand RJ on the opposite side of the road to the station.

York Pullman has now confirmed the link will be running a 30 min frequency. First bus from the railway station at 9:30, through to a last up to the Racecourse at 15:00. Last return service service to the station on Saturday and Sunday will be at 17:30 and at 17:00 on Monday. Traffic may alter timings but the full intended schedule is below:-

Also available – Park and Ride plus 197 option

Park & Ride – The official site covering fares and routes for York’s various P&R services Although none pass the Racecourse directly several serve the railway station giving options for a change on to the 197 show link service. At the P&R sites the parking is free with a charge for riding. A small supplementary charge is made for riding inwards for senior pass card holders.

Reason for suggestion. If you are coming to York for the day with non-modellers in the party this will give you more flexible travel options, especially for meeting up again in the early evening. Reason = if you use the show parking any of your group not attending the show will have a last bus cut-off back to the Racecourse at 15:00 whereas the bus back into the City for you to meet them and then return to your car by a P&R service is later and after the show closes.

Also ignore the P&R option to/from Vangarde on Sunday 30th March as it may be impractical. This is due to a Rugby League fixture taking place at the adjacent stadium – our understanding is that parking policy there on match days is a reduction to a 2-hour max to enable it to remain available for shoppers. We do not know if that will be enforced whilst the shops are closed for Easter Sunday.

(Link checked and section updated for a typo on 27 March 2024)

If there will be any shoppers in the group – a reminder none of the big stores will be open on Easter Sunday due to legislation.

Service bus options

Saturday (Limited availability and running on the Saturday only over the Show weekend.)

The York Area bus map is a free to download pdf from this site* and shows routes 11, 21, 26, & 197 serving the end of Racecourse Road. Unfortunately this is misleading as this section of route 11 is an evening service only – during the day it only serves Bishopthorpe Road. Without making a longish walk therefore the public transport options are services 21(?), 26 & 197 (Saturday) other days the 197 only.

*NB  Link rechecked 14 March 2024.

Bus route 11 – operator = First Bus. This service currently runs down Bishopthorpe Rd on Saturdays and does not pass the Racecourse during show hours. The route is misleadingly shown as doing so on the York bus map due to services occasionally taking that loop. The nearest stop is therefore a considerable walk from the venue on Bishopthorpe Rd. No service on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Current No.11 timetable for 30th March 2024).  Link rechecked updated 14 March 2024.

Bus route 21 – operator = York Pullman – see (Timetable and website). No service on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Confirmation received that this route will not be on divert on Saturday 30th March. (Entry updated 25 March 2014).

Bus route 26 – operator = Transdev  Runs roughly hourly but no service on Sundays and Bank Holidays (Timetable and website). If using this service back towards the City and railway station please note the stop is on the opposite side of the road to the Racecourse as it only runs in one direction around the South Bank loop route in order to reverse direction. The same stop is therefore used for both the drop off and pick ups.  Link rechecked 14 March 2024.

Easter Sunday and B Hol Monday

No public transport routes to the Racecourse area. The 197, see above, is the only bus option running.

Other – Tadcaster Rd bus services

Buses also run along Tadcaster Rd; however, due to distance from the show venue for the resultant walk if you use those we have not listed them. If the weather is fair and you feel up for a walk the York Area bus map is a free to download pdf from this site.