More information for 2023’s Show

By | October 26, 2022

Several significant updates yesterday, as below, plus various minor tweaks across the site:-

(A) The previously used postal sales option for physically mailed tickets has been withdrawn for the 2023 Show and onwards. All advance sales will be via electronic ticketing services. For 2023 this will be via Eventbrite*. We confirm that for 2023 existing, unused, physical tickets remain valid. Further details will follow when the system is up and running. We also add that the Eventbrite commission fees will not be passed on to you the customer but absorbed by us – you will pay the advertised price.

(B) In view of the above the related Prices & Times page together with the pages in the Box Office section have been revised. The main menu also revised. The various pages relating to the old system of ordering via the post and PayPal withdrawn and deleted including from the menu listing.

(C) Draft exhibitors lists added to the Layouts and the Demonstrators pages

*The sales will be via Eventbrite, not Ticketmaster as posted in error yesterday.

7 thoughts on “More information for 2023’s Show

  1. William Sutcliffe

    Is there transport to the race course from the railway station please and if so could you give me details?

    1. wp_yor Post author

      Probably not (we have never been asked before as we don’t allow them into the show) but in any event that will be down to the Racecourse grounds policy as it is outside the show limits. Will try to find out for you.

    2. wp_yor Post author

      From your viewpoint then sadly a no as a quick look on the Racecourse FAQs PDF gives the following :-

      13.1 Dogs (other than assistance dogs) are not permitted in any enclosure.

      Racing FAQs | York Racecourse › faqs-racing (There is a downloadable PDF)

    1. wp_yor Post author

      The racecourse’s fully licensed bar and restaurant on the 3rd floor. Full range from sarnies to hot items.


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