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Index to legacy pages

(This page last updated 25 April 2019)

Legacy pages list

About Railway Modelling

Links to the lists of layouts as at previous shows

Mike Cook Obituary

The old, detailed, driving notes page.

Wayback Archive copy of our old Freeserve URL (1998 - 2008)*

Wayback archive copy of the pre-Wordpress version of current URL (2008 - 2018)

As at 25 April 2019 although substantially complete the above list of legacy pages may be revised as changes are made across the site. The link button to the new site's home page was revised by removing the /wordpress/ section of the URL. We then auto-updated this legacy section of the site. Should you find a broken link (a) you have the fix and (b) please let us know.

Background to the changes

During 2018 the live site was switched to WordPress to bring it into line with contemporary standards, for example to allow pages to be responsive to screen size and for the pages to be secure https versions, etc. As of 4 April 2019 all the main pages have been converted across (the travel information page was the last to be done) and are found on the new, live, site. The other point to note with the new WordPress site is that any mistyped URLs should divert to the Home Page and not return a 404 page missing error.

Our older pages: many older pages on the site are archived versions, for example the old layout listings etc., and these are not being switched from their original page layouts. If you are seeking our older archive pages you will therefore discover that several are, neither linked to from the new WordPress site, nor updated in format from either of the two earlier (now obsolete) html versions of the YMRS website.

* Our first URL was - http://www.yorkshow.freeserve.co.uk