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List of layouts attending the 2016 show

Page updated to 12 February 2016

The York Model Railway Show is fully committed to showing, each year, a wide range of examples of larger scale, and/or uncommon scale, modelling in addition to examples from the more common scales. Come along and see the best in railway modelling in the fantastic venue of York Racecourse.

Layouts confirmed Presented by Scale / Gauge Period Location
00 Live Steam Club Roadshow Maurice Rourke 4mm 00 1930s - 1960s Glossop
Billton Goods Tony Briddon 3mm TT 1950s
Borchester Market Newhaven & District MRC 4mm 00
Brafferton Tony Simms 2mm f/s
Brixham Bay Kevin & Judith Cartwright 2mm N 1939/1945 Brixham, Devon
Broadford Iain Hunter 3.5mm H0 1990s Victoria, Australia
Broadwater Junction Warley M.R.C. 2mm N 1950/60s Welsh Coast
Calstock's Halton Quay Chris Peacock 7mm 0n16.5 1850 East Cornwall
Clevedon WC & PR Andrew Ullyott 4mm EM 1936 Clevedon, Somerset
Colinton Alistair Dickson 4mm P4 1960 Edinburgh
Craster Dale Brunskill 7mm 0 1950/196 Northumberland
Dragons Roost Paul Towers 1:24 16.5mm Victorian UK
Elcot Road Simon Bendall 4mm P4 1988 Croydon, London
Fowlers Lake Mike Bartleet 7mm 0n16.5 1930s Oregon USA
Great Train Robbery diorama Luton Model Railway Club 7mm 0
Green End David Gander 4mm 009   Welsh Borders
Hope under Dinmore South Hants Model Railway Club 4mm EM 1904/1920 Shrewsbury
Kayreuth Ian Hogben 1:160 N 1995/2005 Ruhr, Germany
Klinkerhofen Norman Raven 7mm 0
Laramie Engine Terminal Peter Kirmond 1:48 32mm 1950s Wyoming USA
Lee-on-the-Solent South Hants Model Railway Club 4mm P4 1910/1930 Lee-on-the-Solent
Lochty Lane Ian Futers 7mm 0 1970s Glasgow
Margery Street Jeff Taylor 4mm 00 1970s London
Millfield Yard Pauline McKenna 2mm N 1990s South London
Old Mill Colliery Sidings Wolverhampton MRC 4mm 00 1968/1972 Somerset
Orange River & Portland The Hallelujah Players 1:20.3 Fn3 1930s USA
Outwell Village Alan Price 4mm 00 f/s 1945/1966 Cambridge/Lincs
Peloponnesian Walkways Yiannis Hazapis 3.5mm H0m Epoch IV Peloponnese-Greece
Port Pennan Ken Gibbons 4mm 00
Potterbourne Joshua Courtney 4mm 00 1930s - 1940s Western Region
Ravens Rock Tony Hill 7mm 0n16.5 1870s/1964 Nth Wales
Rosewarne Town Tom Lee 4mm 00 1950s Southern Region
Roxby Town Geoff Buttler 2mm N 2000/2015 East Midlands
Saltdean Peter Smith 7mm 0 1890 Sussex
St. Georges Pit Alan Gray 7mm 0 1935 N. E. England
Stop Gap Cleveland MRC 4mm 00 1935 Northumberland
Union Avenue Roger Nicholls 3.5mm H0 1960/70s Mid USA - urban
Worlds End Peter Goss 4mm 00 Modern Knaresborough
Zweiburg Roger Epps 3.5mm H0 Modern  


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