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List of layouts attending the 2017 Show

Page updated to 18 March 2017

The layouts list for 2017 is now broadly complete although a few additional entries/changes are possible between now and the Show date.

The York Model Railway Show is fully committed to showing, each year, a wide range of examples of larger scale, and/or uncommon scale, modelling in addition to examples from the more common scales. Come along and see the best in railway modelling in the fantastic venue of York Racecourse.

Layouts confirmed

2017 (As at 31 Jan)

Presented by Scale / Gauge Period Location
Alstone Quay Terry Robinson 7mm 0-16.5 1960s South West UK
Angelbank Chris Hewitt / Liverpool MRS 4mm EM 1960 Ludlow, Shropshire
Angst-Lesspork Hugh Norwood 4mm 009 Fantasy (Discworld)
Back End Simon Thompson 7mm S7 1980 Essex
Buxton TMD Stephen Fields 4mm 00 1980/90s Buxton, Derbyshire
Charlieville Christine Hodge 2mm N 1950/60s Midwest USA
Crioch Peter Fletcher 4mm EM 1902/1922 Wick/Thurso
Dettingen Roger Epps 3.5mm HO
Duncan's Mine 2 Steve & Jean Grantham 3.5mm HO 1959 North Michigan USA
Eaton Gomery Peter Thomas 4mm 00 1908 Mid Wales
Engelhausen Peter & Birgit Martin 3.5mm HOe modern Oberlausitz, Germany
Foster Street Paul Price 2mm N 1930 - 1947 Northwest England
Gresley Beat Cliff Parsons 4mm 00
Grizzly Woods RR Raven Miniatures 0n30 1940-1955 USA
High Stamley Paul Windle 4mm 009 1935 Yorkshire/Lancashire border
Hollym Gate Brain Sunman 4mm 00 East Yorkshire
Lower Exbury Alison Barker 4mm P4 1952 BR/SR former light railway
Ludlow John Cox 4mm 00 1930 Ludlow, Shropshire
Maloja Glyn Jones 3.5mm H0m current Graubunden, Switzerland
Megantic Bob Harper 1:48 - 1/2in. 1935 Maine, USA
Melin Llechi Tony Hill 16mm/32mm mid 20th C North Wales
Millers Crossing Roger Nicholls 3.5mm HO 1970s USA
North Foreland John Smith 7mm 0 1947 East Kent
O'Connell Street Model Railway Society of Ireland 4mm 00 1949 O'Connell St., Dublin
Overlord Chris Mead 4mm 00 1944 English south coast port
Pempoul – Réseau Breton Gordon & Maggie Gravett 1:50 18.2mm 1960 Brittany, France
Sand Well County Warley MRC 2mm N 1950/80s Arizona/Nevada USA
St Martins Wharf Bob Alderman 7mm 0 1930s Suffolk
Stamford East Robin Fox 2mm N early 1960s Stamford, Lincs
Thorne Hill Colliery TBC 7 mm 0 early 1950s Yorkshire
Titheridge Junction Bradford Model Railway Club 2mm N 1970s Western Region
Towcester John Norton & George Woodcock 4mm 00 1977 Northamptonshire
Whiteacres Stafford Railway Circle 4mm 00 1995/2005 Midlands
William Smith Wharf Jerry & Kim Clifford 2mm f/s 1920s North Somerset


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